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Antique Wax Seal Fob with Inscription "I see Strange Things"

Antique Wax Seal Wheel "Forget Me Not"

noun   |   re·bus   |   \ˈrē-bəs\


: a riddle or puzzle made up of letters, pictures, or symbols whose names sound like the parts or syllables of a word or phrase


Rebus 33 offers a carefully curated selection of antique and vintage jewelry. We are very passionate about the hidden mysteries of old things and want to share this joy with our customers. We only stock things we truly love, looking for unique pieces that show their age, but also have a contemporary edge.

REBUS 33 was founded in 2015 by Andrea Labancz and is based in Vienna, Austria. We started out on Etsy, check out what our customers had to say here.





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